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 Clay-Important Information READ!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Clay-Important Information READ!!!!!!   Fri Sep 26, 2008 1:00 am

This will be the forums for all clay orders.

We will be buying clay every Saturday 8:30 pm and onwards Central time.

Here is a converter if you don't know what time it will be where you live.

Use the drop down menu for the time zone that you are in.

CST-Is Central Standard Time Zone Use this.

During the delivery there must be 1000 Clay/1k Clay before we buy otherwise we will not buy from you. You will be paid 35k or 35,000 gp, however you look at it. The price may change, without notice, and probably will go up then go down. As you can see, working for MINE N GO will make you very rich, in almost no time at all. And you are free to mine as many times as you want, but it must be a value of 100, as long as you go over the 1,000 limit. Remember that we will always be there to buy, because as we all know selling can be a major pain if there is no one there to buy it.

The meeting place to sell your clay will be the varrock east bank.

If you have questions feel free to start a new topic, since this thread will be locked.

The people you will be trading will be usa0206 or wizard sagar. When you pm us please be patient, as we will be talking to lots of people.
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Clay-Important Information READ!!!!!!
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