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 Soft Clay Running--READ!!!!

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PostSubject: Soft Clay Running--READ!!!!   Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:56 pm

Another service provided by MINE N GO, for some quick and fast money is the Soft Clay Running.

This service will depend on the amount of clay that will be in storage. If there isn't enough or not enough workers to do this then it will be unavailable.

There must also be a minimum of 5,000 clay in storage.

Current Clay in Storage: 2,000

The status of this will be updated here.

Soft Clay Running is now Unavailable.

To be able to do this you will be required to carry vials, or buckets since these items will be required for the running of clay.


The Procedure

1. First of all you will have to see whether or not this service is available.

2. If you are interested in doing the runs you will first have to post in the Running Forums. This will notify us on how many people will be doing this, so that we can have an owner present.

3. You will then be added to the list, and be expected to show up at the Varrock East Bank.

4. This will be the part where you will need the vials/buckets. You are required to have 13 of whichever one you choose.

5. Once you have the 13 vials/buckets keep them in your inventory.

6. Trade the designated owner, and he will give you 13 noted clay, and 100 gp.

7. Take the noted clays, and un-note them in the bank by depositing them and then taking them out, also deposit the 100gp, this is yours to keep.

8. Once you have un-noted them go to the the varrock fountion. Once you are there fill your vials/buckets with water.


9. When you have filled up all the vials/buckets, use it with the clay and this will result in soft clay. Make sure to get all of the clays.

10. Take this again to the bank, and this time convert the soft clay into notes.

11. Finally take the noted soft clay and trade the owner, he will then give you another 13 clay, and 100gp.

12. Repeat as many times as you want until the clay runs out, it might not run out and there might be more on the way. It will depend on storage.

You may do this by running when you have the energy for it, or walk when it runs out. The runs usually take 30-45 seconds, and in a short time you will be seeing that your stack of money is piling up. Very Happy
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Soft Clay Running--READ!!!!
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